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BES 2014 report:



BES 2013 report:


Trends in well-being



The 12 dimensions of well-being:

01. Health

02. Education and tranining

03. Work and life balance

04. Economic well-being

05. Social relationship

06. Politics and Istitutions

07. Safety

08. Subjective well-being

09. Landscape and cultural heritage

10. Enviroment

11. Research and innovation

12. Quality of services




Other documents:

List of BES indicators (231 Kb) by domain (ENG).

Proposal for domains by the Cnel - Istat Steering Committee on the measurement of progress in Italy. September 26th, 2011.

Cnel and Istat measure well-being: Press relase of the costitution of Steering Group on the Measurement of Progress in Italian Society. Dicember 2011.

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